President's Message

Dear WWE Sisters,

Thank you for the privilege of leading such an awesome group of women and putting your trust in me.  I will do my best to lead and support you. 

I am looking forward to leading WWE this year as we emerge from the effects of the pandemic. I am excited to be working with the membership committee as our membership explodes this year!  I am curious to see what fun activities are being planned by the program committee, what knowledge we will gain from the education committee and what the PR committee has in store for us.  And as always I wish a great year for Girls’Biz as we share our knowledge with middle school girls. 

WWE thrives through the hard work and cooperation of its members.  Reach out to me with your questions and ideas.  Volunteer to help out on a committee.  This is your organization. We value your input and want you to get personal and professional value from the organization. 

Never in a million years did I think I would ever be president of WWE!  But here I am ready to engage and inspire all of us as we move out of the pandemic and find our new normal!


Dr Judy Ciasto, President, 2021-2022

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