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Full Name:  Jacy Imilkowski
Business Name:   Building Balance, llc
Family (pets, too):   Lovely Boyfriend John, Sweet Greyhound Juno, Goofy Vizsla Roxie

Accomplishment:   Once read 54 books in 1 year.
Best meal:   Depending on the day: Huge Pile O' Vegetables or Grilled PB&J
Fridge:   Variety of stuffed olives, cheese, vegetables, cheese, leftovers, cheese...
Probably shouldn't have:   ... taken that left turn at Albuquerque.
Little known fact:   I'm a trained massage therapist!
Wishes:   That it was possible for everyone in the world to leave in peace, fulfillment and dignity.
Favorite quote:   "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not get bent out of shape."
Wish I hadn't:   Dated that dirtbag who stole all my cookbooks.
Free time:   Sleeping in a heap with all the dogs.
Best advice:   Don't shower with the toaster.
Guilty pleasure:   Trashy paranormal romance novels!
Proud of:   What I have and continue to become.

Name:   Laura Stanfield
Business Name:    Waterstone Mortgage
Family:    husband, 2 beautiful boys and a dog named GG

Best meal:    The Mission in Old Town Scottsdale-Yum!
Probably shouldn't have:    Spent my entire school break at a resort in Corfu instead of exploring Greece.
Favorite quote:    Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.
Preoccupation:    Italy. I must go back!
Best advice:    You must love yourself before you can love others

Name:    Melissa Shanks
Business Name:    Guardian Life Insurance
Family:    Husband and two amazing adult daughters

Accomplishment:    Hosted our daughter's wedding and reception for over 200 people in our yard. Taught middle school for over three decades.
Best meal:    Freshly made sushi
Probably shouldn't have:    Driven someone else's car on the Autobahn. I couldn't read the road signs and had no idea where I was!
Alter-ego:    Landscaper
Pet-peeve:    Angry people
Fears:    Ground bees.
Next adventure:    Succeeding in my second career!
Proud of:    My family

Name:    Andrea Carvin
Business Name:    InnerSparks Rehab Gym & Spa
Family (pets, too):    Spock - white golden retreiver Widdle - shi tzu
Website link:

   Feminine Power Leader, Facilitator & Coach
Best meal:    Chicken Marbella, Rice noodle casserole, fresh vegetables, Pinot Noir and flourless chocolate cake with raspberries.
Alter-ego:    Artist & Musician
Fun fact:    Star Trek's Spock character did a live long and prosper move with his hand.  He learned this move in real life from an ancient priestly blessing he had experienced as a child.
Free time:    Watch football doing needlepoint with a dog perched on my shoulder.  
Time-saving trick:    Take 3deep breaths, imagine the task I want to do  getting done and ask myself how did you do that?
Play time is:    hiking or geocaching with my husband and dogs
Proud of:    my kids, my step - kids and grandkids and my amazing husband.

Name:    Tricia Nowicki
Business Name:    Get Organized Creating Beautiful Spaces
Family (pets, too):    Bryan(Husband) Children(Chris,Kevin,Abby,William, Caroline)
Website link:

  Marrying my husband.
Best meal:    Green olives, pizza.
Fridge:    Leftover stir fry, milk, green olives, lunch meat.
Cool trick:    Can talk like Donald Duck and Neigh like a horse.
Hidden talent:    I am a certified massage therapist
Wishes:    I could sing in a band
Weirdest food ever eaten:    Dog food(Isn't every child dared to do this when they are young?)
Play time is:    Anything outdoors
Proud of:    My Family

Name: Ellen Soukup
Business Name: Julie Bass State Farm Insurance
Family (pets, too): Husband Steve, 3 sons, 2 daughters in law, and 3 grandsons

Accomplishment: Lived in Grenada 6 years, opened a school
Bad ass: Broke a kid’s nose in 4th grade when he lifted my skirt!!!
Probably shouldn’t have:
ever started smoking (Quit now)
Cool trick:
Know American Sign Language
Pet-peeve:  Interrupting
Hidden talent:
Play several musical instruments
Fears: Snakes

Name: Theresa Kim
Business Name: Theresa Kim, LLC - coaching, speaking, creative experience workshops
Family (pets, too):
Adam (husband), Kaimi (10), Alex (7), Damian (5), Gunnar (the dog)
Website link:

Bad Ass: Foster Mom. Well, not any more, but that was my most bad-assery.
Probably shouldn't have: married that first husband
Favorite quote: Changed by the moment, but what's on my wall right now written in sharpie, "What you believe about your life IS your life."
Time-saving trick: Stop hassling the kids about wearing pajamas. You want to wear your clothes for tomorrow - great! You won't have to change in the morning.
Favorite possession: necklace inscribed with "My heart, my sunshine, my sea" (each matches one of my boys) and the bracelet my husband gave me the day I gave birth to my oldest that says, "The experience of this sweet life."

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