Guidelines for WWE Members to Present
at WWE Dinner Meetings

Some members wish to present a one hour informational talk at one of the monthly dinner meetings. In order to do this, the following guidelines and procedures have been set.

Guidelines for presenting:

  • The presentation must have educational value. Presenting to the WWE Membership at a monthly dinner meeting is an opportunity to share information and give back to the WWE community.
  • The speaker understands that there is no monetary compensation for the presentation. WWE does not pay any honorariums, per diems or expenses.
  • All expenses related to the presentation at the WWE Monthly Dinner Meeting are the responsibility of the presenter and are not reimbursable.
  • WWE will make every attempt to set up the room to the presenter’s request, however, due to the budget, time constraints, and labor, WWE may not be able to accommodate the presenter’s preferences.
  • WWE will provide A/V equipment that is readily available at no cost through the facility (FLUNO CENTER). Any additional A/V equipment necessary is the sole responsibility of the presenter and use of such equipment must be coordinated with the FLUNO Center staff.
  • No offers or sales are to be made at any time during the presentation. All sessions are to be informative and educational. They are not a forum to sell or otherwise market additional programs and/or services. The presenter may give out their contact information to let participants have an opportunity to contact them if they want additional information. Presenters are not allowed to display or sell materials of any nature.
  • All handouts are to be provided by the presenter at the presenter’s expense.
  • The presenter consents to being photographed for archival and promotional purposes for WWE.
  • Videography:  Presenters may video record their session with prior approval from the WWE Programs Committee. Presenter is required to provide videographer and equipment and agrees that all videography will in no way disrupt the overall session.

A one page proposal must be submitted to the WWE Programs committee. The following must be addressed in the proposal.

  • Title and content of presentation.
  • Goals and learning objectives: (i.e., What members will “take away” from the presentation)
  • Detailed outline of presentation, including method of delivery (e.g., PowerPoint, lecture, group work, etc.), tools that may be used, how the audience will be engaged in the learning, etc.
  • Speaker qualifications/ biography
  • A paragraph outlining your motivation for presenting, as well as a short description of your strengths as a presenter.
  • Three (3) speaker references (i.e., references from those that have hired you/observed you as a speaker).
  • Video. Presenter will provide a link to a 5 to 10 minute video of their work as a speaker. This can be an actual event you have done or a video of what your presentation would look like in front of an audience.

Review Process

  • Submission of your proposal to the WWE Programs Chair.
  • Upon receipt, distribution of proposal via email to WWE Program Committee Members for review and commentary. Program Committee Members have one month to review and either “accept” or “send back proposal with comments for changes”.
  • WWE Board reserves the right to final approval.
If you'd like to download the preceding Guidelines, click here.

If you have any questions, please email Denise Wood:

To Submit a Proposal

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