New Girls'Biz group forming September 2022

2021-2022 Virtual Girls'Biz program



GIRLS’BIZ is a program for middle school girls, empowering the girls to start and run their own group business with the help of experienced women business owners. In 21-22, the program continued virtual with an on-line store.  Five girls are participating. They chose their name, developed their logo, and chose their products. They learned about selling on-line and are participating in zoom sales presentations and assembling orders. 

After researching several charities, Power Girls will vote on a charity for 2022. In 2021,  the previous group voted to donate $500 to F.O.S.T.E.R. of Dane County after they learned about the positive impact this charity makes in our community, and especially in this year of the pandemic.

The remaining profit was split between the girls, as it is every year.  Each member of the Fireflies received a profit share of $100! WWE has sponsored the GIRLS’BIZ program since 1996. It is open to all middle school girls in Dane County and a new group forms each September. Learn more and register your middle school girl for the new 22-23 GIRLS’BIZ group on the website:

Ms. Jackie Hunt is the founder and CEO of F.O.S.T.E.R. of Dane County.  The name means Families Overcoming Struggles to Encourage Restoration.  Ms. Hunt gathers resources of donated food, supplies, money and volunteers and she distributes to those who can benefit from accessing these resources in Dane County.  Many other services are provided.  Learn more and donate on their website:

Thank you for your support!  

Power Girls, and WWE members Janelle, Sally, Ann, Judy, and Laurie

We thank our teachers:

Janelle Higgins

Sally Hestad

Ann Schuelke


Judy Fowler

Laurie Logan


We also thank our sponsors: Wisconsin Candle Company, Judy McNeal - QBs Creations, Fired-Up Pottery, Emily Jannson - the Weekend Mystic, Zonta, AAUW,
Keller Williams, WWE-SC, The Foundation for WWE, Inc.,
and we thank parents, customers and volunteers.

Janelle Higgins
Phone:  608-206-3836

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