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WWE Fifth Friday - How to Live Through These Harrowing Times: How Do We Begin?

  • July 31, 2020
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • via Zoom Meeting
  • 31



Health & Safety re: Coronavirus - COVID-19:
his meeting will be held via Zoom Meeting (details below).

         How to Live Through These Harrowing Times:   

                                  Where Do We Begin?

     Vida Groman


Is anyone having trouble focusing?  Is anyone wondering what do I do now to grow my business?  Is anyone stuck in overwhelm?

Years ago, I had a conversation with a fire fighter recruit as I was teaching him the importance of Centering.  He was overwhelmed by all that he was supposed to remember about how to survive in a burning building.  He said, “I can’t stop to Center.”  I told him it is the very time to Center and be in his body so he could take steps to save his life.

We are all standing in a “burning building” of some sort right now, frantically trying to survive. 

Let me be perfectly blunt here.  I know we have to find ways to grow and sustain our businesses and our lives.  Absolutely.  I also know that we need to take action from a place of center and ground.  Otherwise, our actions can be scattered and lead us astray.  These are harrowing times.  It is easy to be scattered.

In these times, I offer a tool that brings you into your body, into your wisdom and into your best choices as you go forward right now.  It is called Presencing or Centering.  I have been teaching this tool for over 40 years to people of all ages.  And it has literally changed people’s approach to their life.

So come join me for an hour and I will teach you to move beyond stuckness, jump start your thinking and calm your anxiety.

It is actually quite fun to learn.

My name is Vida Groman and I am the creator of Sacred Sovereignty with Vida Groman: Women Claiming Their Gifts, Wisdom and Magic .  I have been doing my work for over 40 years. Whether I am working with women, couples, organizations or groups, I teach tools, mind sets and experiences that help people claim their power to positively influence the world.  The word Power is about “ the ability to”. My work is about giving people the ability to……I am a catalyst for change. 


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