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WWE Fifth Friday

  • August 30, 2019
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Monona Gardens Family Restaurant - Banquet Room
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4 PROVEN Ways to Bring Back the Balance That Life Is Missing! 

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling stressed out, overworked or overwhelmed -- feeling pulled in 50 different directions and wondering where your day went -- there’s a good chance someone or something tapped into your time (and drained your energy)

But the good news is it’s ABSOLUTELY possible to restore balance to your life and fully enjoy the success you’ve worked so hard to achieve!

These simple success shifts make it EASY (and a whole lot of FUN) to eliminate energy & time wasters, and curb career stress by connecting with your authentic self!

In this interactive workshop, Paula will reveal

  •       The Inside-Out approach to success (putting YOU back into  the success equation.
  •       How to take back your time -- clearly identify your time                leaks, why they happen and how to eliminate them once and  for all!
  •       Why time management systems and outdated success  strategies don't work.        
  •     How to create the balance you crave in your work and  personal schedules (creating more ease and flow in your day)

Decision making becomes easier - no more wondering if you’re making the right choice.

Overwhelm and procrastination fall away because you are clear about what you want and your next steps to get there.

Your confidence soars -- making you more magnetic and influential.

AndYou become comfortable saying "no" to the time and energy suckers that add stress to your schedule.

Paula Houlihan is a women’s success mentor and sparkle enthusiast.  

She has empowered thousands of women around the globe, supporting high-achieving, successful women to reclaim their time and energy so they can FULLY enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard to build.

Having overcome domestic abuse and stage 4 adrenal fatigue, Paula knows what it’s like to feel trapped by the life you’re living with just a faint hope that there is something better out there.

An award winning speaker and author, Paula shares her passion helping women reconnect to their BLISS and she is here to tell you that Yes! 

There IS something better out there, far from all the things that hold you back.

When we follow our bliss, magic happens! 

Plan to arrive early to order breakfast from the menu.

Monona Gardens Family Restaurant
Banquet Room
6501 Bridge Rd
Madison, WI 53713

8:00 to 8:30     Networking
8:30 to 9:30     Presentation

This event is free. Please be sure to sign up online so we have the room set up appropriately for all attending.

Please plan on buying breakfast or donating $10 to the restaurant. 

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