How to Be a Featured Speaker of WWE

We are thrilled to be able to offer you, our member, this unique and powerful opportunity to be our Featured Member Speaker at our WWE Event. Being selected as a Featured Member Speaker at WWE is one of our very BEST member benefits. This gives you a spotlight unlike any other to shine and to share.

As a Member Benefit, we DO NOT require any payment from you to have this delightful experience and marketing boost. This is absolutely free for you!
Note: You will still need to pay your entrance ticket to the event.

In designing your talk, keep in mind ways to enrich and support the goals of our organization and the lives of our members.

Please see the following guidelines for consideration as a Featured Member Speaker:

Getting Started...The Approval Process

  • Letter of Interest: Email to
    • Personal Info and Contact Info
      • Your Name and Business Name
      • Email, Phone, Website
      • Briefly, what is your motivation for presenting
      • Your three main strengths as a presenter
      • Briefly describe you/your business
    • Credentials and References
      • List of previous speaking engagements
      • Top 3 Speaking Topics
      • Three speaker references (i.e., references from those that have hired you/observed you as a speaker).
      • Video (5 to 10 minute video of your work as a speaker. This can be an actual event you have done or a video of what your presentation would look like in front of an audience).
  • Presentation Approval (this can be done after you have been selected as a speaker and you and Programs Chair have decided on a topic): Email to
    • Title of Presentation
    • One or two sentences describing your talk
    • Content: BULLET POINTS your talk will cover
    • Conclusion: Your offer, special, call to action

Congratulations! You’ve been selected!
See our Success Tips and Guidelines

Guidelines for Successful 30 minute Presentation

  • Attend the event and be present the entire time
    • Your presence and engagement with the group both before and after your talk is a benefit to you and to the membership. Engage and Enjoy!
  • Be dynamic and do not rely on PowerPoint
  • Tone: Presentation is not to be a sales pitch.
    • 80% is Educational/Informational/Entertaining
    • 20% is about your business.
      • Who your ideal client is, what problem you solve, and how they can find out more
  • Time: 30 Minutes (you will not receive extra time, so plan carefully)
    • Create 20 minutes of educational and entertaining content (consider 2 -3 key points to deliver).
    • Use the last 10-minutes to:
      • Close with special offer for future interaction with you, upcoming programs, etc.
      • Plan for 5 minutes of question-answer.
    • The audience will be given a BREAK after your talk for you to finish with those that want one-on-one time with you. Please take advantage of this time.

Be a Partner in Promoting your Presentation

  • Promote your upcoming presentation to your tribe/list.
  • Invite your tribe/list to attend the presentation.
  • Promote your presentation in WWE’s Facebook group.
  • Create promotional material WWE can use to promote you and your Featured Speaker event on WWE’s public Facebook page and the private group.
  • Attend at least two breakfasts prior to your event to promote your upcoming presentation.
  • Attend at least one dinner prior to your event to promote your upcoming presentation.

*As a special Thank You for your excellence in presenting, WWE is proud to offer you $25. We understand this is of much importance for those in NSA to reach your goals. If, however, you are so inclined, we would always graciously accept this $25 if you chose to donate it to the Foundation for WWE.

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