Coaches SIG

WWE Coaches SIG is a sharing community of women who coach in a variety of ways. We hope that together each of our private coaching businesses can thrive. We meet to share ideas on our business and our clients. We hope you will join us. You are always welcome to join our group.

1. We meet every other Monday morning.

The meetings will rotate so we can cover vary parts of the city for everyone to attend. But this is on the agenda each time so it's always up for discussion. The next meeting is always posted on our Facebook Page.

2. Our agenda is really very simple, to share and learn:

1) Word of the day for you

2) Brags, Accomplishment and Celebrations (nothing is too small)

3) Challenges (if any) You May Have Experienced

4) If I could do one thing -

5) I could really use some help doing -

Next meeting: Where and when?

3. Facebook page for WWE coaches

This is so we can share conferences, book ideas, software, and whatever else we'd like to as well as send out meeting notices.

To join the FB group or for any information about the SIG, please contact Jacy Imilkowski at

Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs Southcentral Inc.

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